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    Top Value Paid

    We pay top dollar for luxury watches, with payouts higher than any other online retailer.

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    Free Insured Shipping

    Enjoy risk-free complimentary shipping, insured at the full value of your watch.

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    Immediate Payment

    Receive your payment or new watch immediately after evaluation is complete.

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Get an immediate quote to secure a collateral loan using your watch or watch collection.

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How to Get a Loan For Your Watch

  1. Get a Valuation

    Tell us about your watches with our simple form. The more information and photos you share with us the more accurate the valuation will be. If you have other luxury assets, please contact us.

  2. Send Us Your Watch

    You'll receive a pre-paid shipping label including insurance, or we'll arrange face-to-face collection.

  3. Receive Payment

    Once finalized, you will quickly receive payment via wire or electronic ACH transfer. You pay a monthly service fee to keep your contract in force.

  4. Get Your Watch Back

    Once you repay the amount in your contract – plus any outstanding service fees – we ship your asset back to you fully insured, via FedEx.